IEA2021 - ePosters

Conference chairs

The 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association was held from June 12-14 2021 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

During the conference several ePosters were presented, and a selection has been made available for display on the website.

Please click on the links below to access the ePosters in PDF-format.


ePoster Marisa Fonseca, et al.

"Musculoskeletal complaints and their associations with health and work-related factors: a cross-sectional study in a beverage company" by Marisa Fonseca, et al.

ePoster Ryota Murano, et al.

"Effects of Shoe Fit on Gait and Posture" by Ryota Murano, et al.

Tanja Baertsch, et al.

"Validation of a visual attention test to detect driver fatigue" by Tanja Baertsch, et al.

Rachel Rutkowski, et al.

"Health Information Technology Design Guidelines Based on Caregivers' Information Behavior" by Rachel Rutkowski, et al. 

Shanee Honig, et al.

"How User Presence impacts Perceptions and Operation Routines of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners – A ‘Stay at Home’ Experiment" by Shanee Honig, et al.