IEA2021 - ePosters

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The 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association was held from June 12-14 2021 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

During the conference several ePosters were presented, and a selection has been made available for display on the workjournal.org website.

Please click on the links below to access the ePosters in PDF-format.


IEA 2021 ePosters

A motion capture system for hand movement recognition - Graciela Rodríguez Vega, et al.

Alternative Measures for Determining the Risk of Tripping

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Applied Visual ergonomics- A compelling consideration for the New Normal - Nivedita Dabir, et al.

Applying a Systems Approach to Developing Interventions to Increase Physical Activity Among Primary School Children While Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic- The Stand Up Kids Study

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Characteristics Model for Representing Entities as Part of the Driving Process

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Clinical Usability Studies – Clash of Cultures? Study design proposal from lessons learned

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COVID 19 - Limiting and managing risk in a physiotherapy school - William Suarez, et al.

Delphi and Bayesian Networks in the analysis of fatigue in air traffic events in practical ATC instruction

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Design of a Virtual Coach for Training Critical Care Air Transport Teams - Caroline Cao, et al.

Designing the OR Cockpit - Transfer of Dimensional Layout Conception Used in Vehicle Design to the OR

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Development of a Multifunctional Test Station and a Reproducible Test Design for the Evaluation of Stress and Strain During Overhead Work With and Without Upper Body Exoskeletons

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Differences in Driving Performance between Different Road Environment and Emotions

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Effect of Debriefing Session on Emergency Training

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Effects of Environmental, Vehicle and Individuals’ Factors on Comfort in Partially Automated Driving: A Scenario-Based Study - Maxime DELMAS, et al.

Effects of Shoe Fit on Gait and Posture - Ryota MURANO, et al.

Employees' Engagement in the Context of a Pandemic

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Ergonomic Evaluation of Home Workspaces during the Coronavirus Pandemic - Samuelle St-Onge, et al

Evaluating physical work load and posture during testing of welding points - Matthys Hermien, et al.

Evaluation of Different Degrees of Support in Human-Robot Cooperation at an Assembly Workstation Regarding Physiological Strain and Perceived Team Fluency

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Experimental Study on Short-time Physical Load and Demand While Pushing Loads With a Hand Truck - Peter Schams, et al.

Hand Shape Modeling for the Mexican Population - Graciela Rodríguez Vega, et al.

Health Information Technology Design Guidelines Based on Caregivers’ Information Behavior - Rachel A. Rutkowski, et al.

How User Presence impacts Perceptions and Operation Routines of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners – A ‘Stay at Home’ Experiment - Shanee Honig, et al.

Inclusive Mobility: A Holistic Approach - Anabela Simoes, et al.

Inter-Rater Reliability of the Individual Risk Assessment (ERIN) Method - Yordán Rodríguez, et al.

Knowledge and Expertise Sharing – Designing an AR-mediated Cyber-Physical Production System for Industrial Set-up Processes - Nils Abele, et al.

Learning Scenarios for the Improvement of Operating Safety of Machine Tools - Leif Goldhahn, et al.

Macroergonomic Assessment of a Colombian Floriculture Company - Elizabeth Pérez, et al.

Minimum Toe Clearance Estimation Using a Novel Wearable System

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Musculoskeletal Complaints and their Associations with Health and Work-related Factors: A cross-sectional study in a beverage company, Marisa C Registro Fonseca et al.

Musculoskeletal Disorders and Poor Product Quality: Do they have same Risk factors? - Ahmet Kolus, et al.

Musculoskeletal Ergonomic Implications in Smartphone Users: A Systematic Review - Danilo Fernandes Vitorino, et al.

Passenger Activities, Postures, Dis(comfort) Perception, and Needs During Train Travel

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Poultry Slaughterhouse Workers: Finger Temperatures and Cold Sensation in the Hands

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Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Dental Students - Yordán Rodríguez, et al.

Previous Shoulder and Low Back Injury, Kinesiophobia, and Fear-Avoidance in Young Adult Asymptomatic Participant Groups - Heather Johnston, et al.

Reward, Social Support and General Health in Colombian teleworkers. A mixed study

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Safety in the Field - Assessing the Impact of Stress and Fatigue on Situation Awareness in Irish and British Farmers - Ilinca-Ruxandra Tone, et al.

The Effect of Cognitive Styles on the Effectiveness of Visual Search Tasks with Different Familiarity

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The Effect of Different Display Information Load with Take-over Request on Human Takeover in Conditional Automation - Yang-Kun Ou, et al.

The Effect of Driving Automation on Drivers’ Anticipatory Glances - Dengbo He, et al.

The Effects of Decreased Ambient Lighting on Temporal-spatial Parameters of Stepping During Reactive Balance from Forward Perturbations

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The Effects of Map Display Format on Simulator Sickness Symptoms in a Virtual Reality Navigation Task - Holland Vasquez, et al.

The impact of expertise on query formulation strategies during complex learning task solving: A study with students in medicine and computer science - Cheyenne Dosso, et al.

The influence of guiding information propagated from the elbow on foot proprioception among severely visually impaired people

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The Problems of the Interfaces of the ICU Mechanical Ventilators Evidenced by COVID-19 - Maria Clara Zenderski, et al.

The Virtual World: A challenge for on-site action in ergonomics - Aline Azambuja Viana, et al.

Trends in Emergency Preparedness Activities Taken by Participatory Workplace Improvement Programs - Kazutaka Kogi, et al.

Updates on NORA Musculoskeletal Health Cross-Sector Council Activities - David M. Rempel, et al.

Usability Study on a New Assembly of 3D Interactive Gestures for Human–computer Interaction - Bohan Wu, et al.

Validation of a Visual Attention Test to Detect Driver Fatigue - Tanja Baertsch, et al.

Work Engagement’s Importance for Safety Culture - Yusuf Arslanparcasi, et al.

Work Process and Restrictions Related to Activities Carried Out In A Waste Sorting - Renato Luvizoto, et al.

Workarounds in the Shadow System: Understanding Boundary Infrastructures for Cooperation in a Clinical Advisory Center - Frauke Mörike, et al.