2020 Learn at WORK Webinars

A Bird’s Eye View of Driving Safety Culture: Truck Drivers Perceptions of Unsafe

By Garry Gray, PhD, Associate Professor
(January 2020)

A Job Task Analysis for Technicians in the Offshore Wind Industry

By Dr. Gemma Milligan
(February 2020)

How to integrate ergonomics into Product Design through the UCD approach

By Dr. Fabíola Reinert 
(April 2020)

Workplace Discrimination for Persons with Hearing Loss: Before and After the 2008 ADA Amendments Act

By Brian McMahon
(May 2020)

Gender and Stress-Buffering of Social Capital toward Depression among Precarious Workers in South Korea

By Dr. Park & Dr. Oh
(June 2020)

A Conceptual Framework to Promote Career Development for Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers with Traumatic Brain Injuries

By David Strauser
(July 2020)

Does Objectively Measured Prolonged Standing for Desk Work Result in Lower Ratings of Perceived Low Back Pain than Sitting? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

By Diana Decarvalho
(August 2020)

Millennial Preferences in Training Messages: The Role of Teamwork and Corporate Social Responsibility to WORK

By Diana Schwerha and Tyler Clark
(September 2020)

Development of an online digital resource accessible for students with visual impairment or blindness: challenges and strategies

By Dr. Almeida
(October 2020)