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WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation is thrilled to present the Learn at WORK Podcast, an interdisciplinary and international platform dedicated to exploring the multifaceted world of work. Through insightful conversations and thought-provoking discussions, we delve into the crucial topics of occupational health, prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation. Since its debut, the Learn at WORK Podcast has been engaging listeners with expert interviews featuring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought pioneers who share their valuable experiences and expertise. We want to be at the forefront of discussing the latest workplace trends, technology, and best practices, ensuring our audience stays ahead of the curve.

Guiding us on this journey is Dr. Karen Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief of WORK and a distinguished expert in the field. Her extensive knowledge and experience bring listeners closer to the forefront of occupational health and rehabilitation. The Learn at WORK Podcast is more than just a series of discussions; it's a commitment to fostering a community of learning and knowledge-sharing. It offers a unique platform for staying informed, inspired, and engaged with the latest developments in our field.

We invite you to stay tuned for more episodes and updates from the Learn at WORK Podcast. As we continue to grow and evolve, we look forward to sharing these valuable discussions with you.

Disclaimer: The podcasts discuss the speakers’ careers and personal reflections and do not necessarily reflect the views of WORK or the editorial office.

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Episode 3: Dr. Jen Phillips on challenging weight bias and stigma in healthcare
Episode 4: Dr. Valerie Rice on her practice in the Vital Life Center, mindfulness, and her experience being on the editorial board
Episode 5: Dr. Tom Smith

Episode 2: Navigating Equitable Work Transitions with Dr. Lynn Shaw

In the second episode of the Learn at WORK Podcast, Dr. Karen Jacobs and Dr. Lynn Shaw venture into an enlightening discussion on the concept of "decent work". This dialogue beautifully ties into Lynn's roles as an occupational scientist and therapist, underscoring her dedication to enhancing work quality and access for all individuals.

Further enriching the episode, Lynn shares her extensive involvement with the journal WORK and its impact on her career and the careers of others. From fostering novice researchers to creating opportunities for student engagement in international experiences, Lynn's narrative highlights the journal's commitment to mentorship and knowledge dissemination. The discussion delves into specific initiatives, like opinion columns and special sections for student research, that have provided valuable platforms for emerging scholars to contribute to academic discourse. These endeavors not only support students' professional development but also advance the broader mission of promoting decent work and occupational well-being globally. The episode serves as a testament to the power of mentorship, collaboration, and the pursuit of decent work in shaping the future of work and academia.

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Episode 1: Bridging Hospital Care to Workplace Success with Leonard Matheson

Join Karen Jacobs, the founding editor of Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, as she kicks off the Learn at Work podcast with an insightful conversation featuring Leonard Matheson. A trailblazer in neurorehabilitation, Leonard reflects on his extensive career, spanning from pioneering early vocational planning for adolescents facing severe injuries to advocating for accommodated employment. Through poignant anecdotes from his tenure at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, he emphasizes the importance of intentional vocational guidance for young individuals navigating life-altering circumstances.

In this episode, Leonard sheds light on the underutilization of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and advocates for the integral role of occupational therapists in facilitating transitions from hospital care to thriving workplaces. Join this thought-provoking dialogue that challenges occupational therapists, practitioners, and students to explore the evolving landscape of rehabilitation, encouraging a deeper understanding of work-oriented neurorehabilitation's transformative impact. Subscribe to Learn at Work and delve into this compelling conversation, uncovering the significance of bridging the gap between hospital care and successful, fulfilling work lives.

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