2021 Learn at WORK Webinars

A pilot model for provider training to address brain injury in health care for the homeless settings

 Dr. Caitlin Synovec (January 2021)

Taking care of the researcher – a nature and art-related activity retreat sharing natural space put humanity in perspective

Prof. Eva Bojner Horwitz (February 2021)

The importance of health management and maintenance occupations while homeless

Quinn Tyminski and Ariana Gonzalez (March 2021)

Greening Behind the "Wall": Relfections of an Interdisciplinary Built Environments Studio Class

By Amy Wagenfeld and Daniel Winterbottom (April 2021)

Well-being in open space offices: The role of office features and psychosocial working conditions

By Sarah S. Lütke Lanfer, Cathrin Becker and Anja S. Göritz (May 2021)

Telehealth in school-based practice: Perceived viability to bridge global OT practitioner shortages prior to COVID-19 global health emergency

Cynthia Abbott-Gaffney and Karen Jacobs (June 2021)

An assessment of ergonomic issues in the home offices of university employees sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic

By Thomas Gerding, Megan Syck, Denise Daniel, Jennifer Naylor, Susan E. Kotowski, Gordon L. Gillespie, Andrew M. Freeman, Thomas R. Huston, Kermit G. Davis  (July 2021)

Was a global pandemic needed to adopt the use of telehealth in occupational therapy?

Viktoria Hoel and Claudia Von Zweck (September 2021)