Valerie Rice

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Valerie Rice has her doctorate in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (Human Factors/Ergonomics option) and master of science in Health Care Administration and Occupational Therapy. She has over 200 publications/presentations including three co-edited books. Her specialties include Human Factors with military, health care, children, cumulative trauma, complimentary healthcare, personal resilience, and mindfulness. She spent 25 years active duty Army and another 17 working for the Army as a DoD researcher for the US Army Research Laboratory. She has published/presented over 40 articles on mindfulness meditation with US military active duty and veterans and taught them Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She also teaches MBSR to the general public. She has been a keynote speaker for the Southeast Asian Network of Ergonomics Societies in Singapore and for a joint meeting of the Japan Ergonomics Society and the Ergonomics Society of Korean in JeJu Island, South Korea. She is a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). She has served as President of HFES. On a personal note, Dr. Rice lives a multi-generational, dynamic household, teaches and offers sessions in the Eden Method (Eden Energy) and Emotional Freedom Technique, and spends time with her grandson. Always posing questions about what works, why, and how, she’s a natural-born researcher at work and at play.