Symone Miguez

WORK: Symone Miguez

Symone’s passion for Ergonomics arose during her undergrad studies in Physiotherapy at PUCCAMP, Brazil.

In 1995, she obtained the title of Specialist in Hand Therapy by the University of São Paulo. In 2005, she received the title of master’s in nursing and Labour, within the research line of Worker’s Health and Ergonomics by the Faculty of Medical Sciences in the department of Nursing at UNICAMP. Her academic interests and willingness to meet new people and cultures led her to Delft University of Technology, where, in 2018, she was awarded the title of PhD at the Department of Industrial Design, Applied Ergonomics & Design (TU Delft). Besides the academic activities, she holds the following credentials: Senior Professional Ergonomist certified by the Brazilian Ergonomics Association (ABERGO) since 2007; rapporteur of the Special Committee of Studies (CEE-136) of ISO 11226, 12295, 11228-1 and 11228-2 at the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT). She shares her knowledge by giving lectures as a visiting professor at several Brazilian universities as well as a speaker in national and international congresses, being part of scientific committees and acting as co-chair in some of these events. Regarding her professional activities, she has a vast, 25-year experience within the field of Ergonomics. It should be noted that, for the past 10 years, she has been the director of Ergosys Consulting in Ergonomics, a company which was founded by her and provides services to national and multinational companies in several segments.