Lindsey Sousa

WORK: Lindsey Sousa

Life offers no adjusting scale for progress but there are still times you know you’ve stepped into an important new chapter of your life. Joining WORK as an Editorial Assistant is such a moment for me. Preceding chapters have certainly prepared me for the role.

Even as a teenager, I understood that there are nuances to education and chose Northeastern University as much for its offer of experiential learning as academic. As hoped, this catapulted me into a decade long career in higher education publishing, specifically on the Public Health and Health Administration lists at Jones & Bartlett Learning. Along the way I would return to school, Middlesex Community College, to benefit from the kaleidoscope of perspectives in a post-graduate classroom, in addition to the business acumen afforded. Then, there are the years I have dug out of Time to spend with my young children. For nothing elevates your quest for equanimity more than two beautiful, wild little boys.

In my personal mission statement I say, “Do not be close-minded but actively seek to expand your mind. Live intelligently, in that you seek intelligence. But strive for wisdom in your knowledge.” Here, in the pages and labors of WORK, I’m confident I’ve found a vehicle for this charge. I’m thrilled by the richness of knowledge we’ll share – with each other and the world – for what I hope will be many more chapters.

Eagerly Yours,

Lindsey Sousa
Attleboro, Massachusetts USA