Andreja Bartolac

WORK: Andreja Bartolac

Andreja Bartolac is Department Head and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. She mainly teaches on subjects in theories of occupation, occupational therapy assessment and ergonomics. She holds degrees in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Zagreb. Her doctoral thesis examines occupational and social participation among families of children with ADHD.

Andreja actively participates in numerous activities related to continuous professional development, education and professional training, academic research and publication. Her primary research interests are focused on occupational science, occupational assessment, ergonomics and play therapy. She is the author of the first book for occupational therapy assessment in the Croatian language (2016) and the author of a chapter in the book Using Occupational Therapy Theory in Practice (Boniface & Seymour (Ed), 2012).

Andreja is a licensed occupational therapist and has been continuously involved in a number of occupational therapy organizations. Over the last 20 years, she has been actively engaged in the work of the national occupational therapy association in Croatia and the Croatian Council of Health Professionals. She was an active contributor in the development of the national Health Professionals Act, which legally regulated occupational therapy as a health profession. In addition, she was Chair of the ethics committee for many years. She acted as the Croatian representative in COTEC (for 10 years) and in ENOTHE (for 20 years). She is also an alternate representative for WFOT.