Health and Well-Being Intervention - International Congress Abstracts


RECI (Research in Education and Community Intervention) and the Jean Piaget Health School (ESS) - Viseu, promoted an International Congress under the "Intervention in Health and Well-being" at the University Campus of Viseu of the Piaget Institute, on May 31 and June 1, 2019.

The Congress intends to contribute to the discussion of current and emerging issues related to the health and well-being of the population and to count on the participation of researchers and professionals from different areas of practice and training.
This edition meets the work presented at this event in various spheres of knowledge in the areas of health and wellness.

This Congress has as its main objectives:

  • Reflect on the challenges posed to the health and well-being of the population;
  • Create a space for dialogue that will allow the exchange of experiences between professionals from various areas of intervention and from different regions;
  • Sharing new technologies, techniques and processes among academics, professionals and other health stakeholders;
  • Promote a multidisciplinary view on health intervention and the role to be played by the various sectors of society;
  • Sharing new knowledge and allowing others to be updated;
  • Disseminate research projects and results in health and well-being;
  • Promote the debate on the health situation in the country and its dimensions related to the intervention of the different professions;
  • Approach partners from different regions to reflect professional experiences and share research results.

The abstracts presented by the Researchers reflect the awareness of the need for innovation and originality in various areas of knowledge, and had as topics:

  • Assessment and Intervention in Health and Well-being
  • Education and Training in Health and Well-being
  • Product innovation and development
  • Health and Well-being Policies and Management
  • Health and Well-being of an increasingly aging society
  • Health and Well-being and Emerging Health Threats
  • Challenges in Digital Health
  • Unconventional therapies in health care and well-being

This is an edition made for publication of the works resulting from the event, where the reader will find a significant heterogeneity. Abstracts are ongoing or completed project-based research papers submitted by researchers from various academic degrees. This diversity is also found in the authors' scientific areas, reflecting on the variety of research themes presented at the Congress itself.

Thus, despite this heterogeneity, it is considered that the aggregating element lies in the seriousness, quality and enthusiasm of contributing to knowledge in the field of research in the various areas of knowledge.

Discussing the topic of education, Swiss biologist and epistemologist Jean Piaget points out:
“The main goal of education is to create men who can do new things, not simply repeat what other generations have done. Men who are creators, inventors, discoverers.
The second goal of education is to form minds that are in a position to criticize, verify and not accept all that is proposed to them.”

This research shows that the authors are aware and able to contribute in an integrated way to research in various areas of knowledge, which underlines the importance and absolute need to continue to promote health and well-being.

Gustavo Desouzart
President of the organizing committee of ICHWBI 2019

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WORK: abstracts ICHWBI

Abstracts of the International Congress of Health and Well-being Intervention 2019

‘Journey Through the essence of self’ Course: The challenge of constructing a scientific-based Mobile learning course/PodCast for Insight Timer App focusing on positive psychology, mindfulness and self-awareness
Patrícia Araújo

A combined intervention on psychological and physical capacities of frail older adults: Randomized Controlled Trial
Filipa Couto, Maria dos Anjos Dixe, Timóteo Camacho, Elzbieta Bobrowicz-Campos, Rita Santos-Rocha, Mónica Braúna, Jaime Ribeiro, João Apóstolo

A efetividade da Arterapia no Tratamento da Doença Mental: revisão integrativa
Miriam Marques, Hugo Fernandes, Marlene Martins, Etienne Lucas, Pedro Oliveira, Carlos Laranjeira

Academic experiences in higher education students: perception of well-being
Katia Pereira, Fabiana Soares, Carina Figueiredo, Isabel Silva, Gustavo Desouzart

Active aging: 85 +
Dina Santos, Ana Dias, Carina Rodrigues, Helena Rebelo4, Liliana Rodrigues, Maria Albernaz, Marlene Gomes, Marta Pinto, Olga Bonito, Túlia Rodrigues

Acute effects of static stretching in vertical jump performance
Vitor Ferreira, Rui Costa

Ansiedade e depressão geriátricas e seus fatores associados: um estudo comunitário em Vila Nova de Gaia
Marisa Silva, Óscar Ribeiro, Hélder Alves

Antioxidant activity of dietary supplements with green tea marketed in Portugal
Joana Zenha, Ana Isabel Oliveira, Cláudia Pinho

Applicability of the scientific method of the phenomenology of the practice of oncologic nursing
Bacalhau, Lúcia; Sousa, Pontífice Patrícia; Marques, Rita

Assessment of Health and Well-being of Portuguese Population by Environmental and Socioeconomic Determinants
Diogo Guedes Vidal, Esmeralda Barreira, Gisela Marta Oliveira, Manuela Pontes, Rui Leandro Maia, Maria Pia Ferraz, José Cabeda, José Manuel Calheiros

Assessment of Nutritional Status and Dietary Intake of Institutionalized Elderly People in Viseu
Catarina Caçador, Edite Teixeira-Lemos, Jorge Oliveira, Luís Pedro Teixeira-Lemos, João Pinheiro, Filipa Mascarenhas-MELO, Rosa Martins, Maria C. Castilho

Association between nutrition knowledge and weight status in adolescents
Figueiredo-Gonçalves, Abreu S, Magalhães R, Silva V, Rodrigues F, Gonçalves C, Dias D, Amaro LF, da Silva R, Cordeiro T, Bento A.

Associations between emotional intelligence and well-being indicators in adolescents
Henrique Costa, Helder Miguel Fernandes

Atividade antibacteriana e efeito na microbiota vaginal de frações obtidas a partir do extrato de acetona de Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull
Filipa Mandim, Lillian Barros, Sandrina Heleno, Tânia C. S. P. Pires, Maria Inês Dias, Maria José Alves, Paulo F. Santos, Isabel C. F. R. Ferreira

Biomechanical Device for Strength Control in Dental Restorations Procedures
Marco Esteves, Rui Falacho, Marco Silva, Luis Roseiro

Biomechanical health and well-being of professionals during eutocic delivery
Armando David de Sousa, Maria Helena Presado, Mario Cardoso, Cristina Lavareda Baixinho and Fátima Mendes Marques

Birth plan: perceptions of citizens and health professionals
Dolores Sardo, Arminda Pinheiro

Cognitive Stimulation for Successful Aging - perceptions of Social Educators
Maria João Amante, Susana Fonseca, Lia Araújo

Combining resistance and aerobic training intensities: a brief review
António C. Sousa, Henrique P. Neiva, Mª Helena Gil, Ana R. Alves, Mário C. Marques, Daniel A. Marinho

Detection of Risk of Falls and Physical Frailty in Portuguese Institutionalized Elderly using the Functional Reach Test: An Exploratory Study
Ana Paula Seabra, David Catela, Cristiana Mercê

Differences in health lifestyle variables between people in the Rural and Urban areas
Marta Leyton Román, Marco Batista, Ruth Jiménez Castuera

Does metformin reduce the risk of dementia? Evidence-based review
Cristiana Craveiro, Carolina Reis, Tânia Tavares, Miguel Pisco, Lénia Marques

Effectiveness study of a positive psychological intervention in young adults
Raquel Sousa, Carla Fonte & Sónia Alves

Effects of functional health education on the balance and risk of falls in the elderly with reduced physical mobility
Gustavo Desouzart, Cristina Farias, Sandra Gagulic

Eustress in higher education teachers: Cognitive evaluation of a situation as a enhancer of well-being
Susana Fonseca, Filomena Jordão

Evaluation of Lifestyles, Anthropometric and Lipid Indicators in young university students with and without family support.
João Paulo de Figueiredo, Mariana Pratas, Mariana Pereira, Daniela Correia, Nádia Osório, Armando Caseiro, Ana Ferreira, Ana Valado, João Almeida, Susana Paixão, Fernando Moreira, António Gabriel

Flourishing in Old Age
Cristina Cruz1, Ricardo Pocinho2, Pedro Carrana3

Food intake, physical activity and quality of life among children and youth
Emília Martins, Rosina Fernandes, Francisco Mendes, Cátia Magalhães, Patrícia Araújo

Functional Movement Screen® evaluation: comparison between elite and non-elite juvenile swimmers
Dineia A. Lucas, Pedro Duarte-Mendes, Daniel A. Marinho, Ivan V. Rolo, Henrique P. Neiva

Healthy Aging.The role of the exercise prescription in the frail elderly
Francisco José Félix Saavedra

Hours of sleep and childhood obesity in school-aged children: preliminary results of the project “Por Mais Saúde”
Goreti Marques, Ana Paula Conceição, Sara Pinto, Tânia Martins, Ana Rita Pinheiro

Impact of a program for self-management on adolescents with type 1 diabetes
Marília Costa Flora, Maria Isabel Dias Costa Malheiro, Luísa Barros

Impact of thiazide diuretics on glycemic control. Evidence-based review
Carolina Reis, Cristiana Craveiro, Tânia Tavares, Miguel Pisco, Miguel Pires

Individual Cognitive Stimulation Program Making a Difference 3: Adaptation and validation for the Portuguese language
Rosa Silva, Elzbieta Bobrowicz-Campos, Isabel Gil, Paulo Costa, Maria Almeida, João Apóstolo

Influence of physical activity and aerobic fitness on the variation in quality of life of elderly women
Andreia Teixeira, Graça Pinto, Helena Moreira

Is it possible to assess more pinches?
Roldão, E., Gil Pascoal, A.

Migraine in the university Students: Project of intervention with acupuncture through ankle cuff technique
Gustavo Desouzart, Simone Rembold

Myths, drug consumption and sport practice in adolescents: A research-action
Ana Rita Peres, Patrícia Aguiar, Teresa Mendes, Francisco Mendes, Rosina Fernandes, Emília Martins, Cátia Magalhães

Nursing Interventions in the Prevention of Mechanical Ventilation-Associated Pneumonia in Adult Hospitalized in Intensive Care Units: An Integrative Literature Review
Ricardo, Inês, Marques, Rita

Older adult’s perception about the use of technologies in the improvement or maintenance of their health status
Luísa Teixeira-Santos, Elżbieta Bobrowicz-Campos, Maria de Lurdes Almeida, Isabel da Assunção Gil, Adriana Neves Coelho, Vitor de Oliveira Parola, Filipa Costa Couto, Teresa Moreno-Casbas, João Luís Apóstolo

Perceived social support and online video games addiction: gender differences in Portuguese adolescents?
Almeida, M.J., Amante, M.J., Sargento, J.

Perception of the impact of a positive psychological intervention in a group in a non-clinical population
Joana Pereira, Sónia Alves & Carla Fonte

Psychopathological symptomatology and cancer: a comparative study
José Sargento1, Eduardo Sá2

Physiotherapy intervention through postural education in children and adolescents in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education
Gustavo Desouzart, Tatiana Pinto, Ernesto Filgueiras

Projeto Entre Gerações - promoção da saúde, bem-estar e educação através da intergeracionalidade
Cristina Vieira da Silva, Elena Pimentel Fonseca

Psychoactive substance consumption by Portuguese population
Isabel C. Pinto, Olívia R. Pereira, António Fernandes, João Nogueira, Ricardo Costa

Psychomotor Rehabilitation Program: Innovation and levels of adherence of a group of institutionalized elderly people
Diogo Nóbrega, Ana Rita Bodas

Psychopathological symptomatology and cancer: a comparative study
José Sargento, Eduardo Sá

Qualidade do ar um problema de Saúde Pública
Ana Ferreira, João Paulo de Figueiredo, Susana Paixão, Fernando Moreira, Silvia Seco, António Loureiro, António Gabriel; Patricia Coelho

Quality of life assessment of citizens with intellectual disability: factorial and hierarchical structure
Cristina Simões, Sofia Santos

Resilience, Happiness and Functionality in a group of institutionalized elderly people: Psychomotricity as an answer
Andreia Sousa Freitas, Maria Paulina Ornelas Oliveira, Ana Rita Bodas

Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Breathing Control Technic in Young Adults: A Pilot Study
David Catela, Bernardo Martins, Beatriz Silva, Bernardo Silva, Cristiana Mercê

Scoliosis in adolescence: screening in schools in southern Portugal
Beatriz Minghelli, Ana Carolina Coelho, João Maximino, Alexandre Duarte, Ana Carolina Guerreiro, Bruno Marques, Inês Costa, João Belo, Pedro Mourato

Serious Leisure, Perception of Health and Quality of Life among Students of the city of Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil
Kayro Silva, Francisco Campos, Ricardo Melo

Sexual and reproductive health: what we really know
Maria Bernardete Machado, Marília Lima, Carlos Albuquerque, Sofia Rosas de Araújo, Maria Isabel Martins, Jorge Campos

Spatiotemporal parameters of gait in patients with knee osteoarthritis
Vitor Ferreira, Leandro Machado, Adélio Vilaça, Francisco Xará-Leite, Paulo Roriz

Study of the Relationship between Body Composition Predictors in Subjects with Intellectual Disabilities
Paulo, R., Silva, F., Taborda, B., Ramalho, A., Rocha, J., Neiva, H., Duarte-Mendes, P.

Symptom perception management education improves self-care in patients with heart failure
Joana Pereira Sousa, Cláudia Oliveira, Miguel Santos

The effect of emotions and acupuncture on myoelectric abdominal activity
André Marques, Maria João Santos, Jorge Machado

The effectiveness of exercise interventions on Rate of Falls and Balance: a Systematic Review
Margarida Gomes, Vânia Loureiro, Sara Manzano

The FIFA 11+ for injury prevention in amateur futsal players
Mário Lopes, Daniela Simões, Rui Costa, José Oliveira, Fernando Ribeiro

The influence of a specific exercise program on the balance of individuals with Ankylosing Spondylitis
Mesquita, C., Santos, P., Pereira, J. 1, Lopes, S.

The influence of a specific exercise program on ventilatory muscle strength in individuals with Ankylosing Spondylitis
Lopes, S., Santos, P., Costa, F., Mesquita, C.

The influence of seasonality on the propagation of infrasound and low frequency noise originated by wind turbines - Case study
João Almeida, Jéssica Saramago, Susana Paixão, Fernando Moreira, Sílvia Seco, António Loureiro, João Paulo Figueiredo, Ana Ferreira

The Relation between sedentary time and physical activity with physical fitness of the elderly
Fernanda M. Silva, João Petrica, João Serrano, Rui Paulo, André Ramalho, José Pedro Ferreira, Pedro Duarte-Mendes

Tobacco and alcohol use in adolescents and young athletes: Differences between genders
Francisco Saavedra, Magnus de Sousa

Understanding the gaps among citizens with and without intellectual disability: the role of the quality of life paradigm
Cristina Simões, Sofia Santos

Well-being and quality of life in a sample of bakers and confectioners from the central region
Filipa Custóias, João Lima, Maria Catarina Pinheiro, Soraia Rodrigues, Valéria Caraus, Ana Sofia Sousa6, Cidália Pereira

Well-being and social support for caregivers of children and young people with atypical development
Sara Alexandre Felizardo