Mindfulness Meditation: Moments in Time

WORK: dandelion

Mindfulness Meditation

It always amazes me how quickly buzzwords change and the next greatest health-craze is announced. However, rather than dismissing something just because it sounds ‘new’ would be a mistake, as medicine is a work in progress, never finished, and ever discovering answers to posed questions...


WORK: Dr. Valerie Rice: Mindful Moments: Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

A person is considered to be self-compassionate when they give the same concern, kindness and support they’d give to a loved one or a close friend, to themselves.1, 2 they recognize their mistakes and shortfalls and offer themselves kind counsel, instead of punitive self-judgment when they perceive they’ve done something wrong. They acknowledge their painful experiences, but do not dwell in them, instead working with and through their experiences with loving self-kindness.