What is good lighting?

“The lighting is terrible in this room!”

You have probably heard people say this. You may have even said it yourself.


Dr. Jennifer Long: Vision@WORK+play: protective glasses

Look after your eyes at home, too

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many consequences. Social distancing, working from home and virtual meetings have all become embedded in our work-life vocabulary.


Comfortably using a computer is a skill for life

Comfortably using a computer is a skill for life

As I progressed through school, various teachers endeavoured to get us to write much neater and to not hunch over the desk with our nose on the page. I particularly remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs Mulligan, who exhorted us to hold the pencil lightly, not with a fierce grip.


Vision@WORK+play: Visual ergonomics

Visual ergonomics – a great conversation starter

“What do you do?” is a common conversation starter.

“I’m a visual ergonomist.”

I’ve had city-folk look at me with a puzzled expression “A visual economist? I’ve never heard of that. Does that mean that you work with spreadsheets and how to display data on graphs?”


Jennifer Long Vision@WORK + play glasses

Beyond 20/20 vision in the year of 2020

“Do I have 20/20 vision?”

This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked by patients at the end of an eye examination.

Although being able to read letters on a vision chart is an important visual ability, it doesn’t tell the whole story for how we see the world around us.



Vision@WORK+Play - Festive Cheer

Festive Cheer

It’s December already and the festive season is upon us. For many of us, this means end of year parties, lots of food, drink and yes – bubbly.

We’ve all been told not to shake a bottle of sparkling wine and then point it at someone. Is it just an urban myth? Or can champagne corks actually injure?


WORK: glasses

Good vision at work: Don’t assume others see the same way you do

A colleague recounted this story to me last week:
I was onsite talking to a warehouse manager. They had an employee who frequently bumped into objects while driving a forklift.
“We can’t work it out” the manager confessed. “None of the other drivers have trouble with the forklifts.”
“Has he had his eyes tested?” my colleague asked.
“Hmm. We hadn’t thought about that. We thought it was an engineering issue. Great idea. I’ll follow it up. Thanks!”